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About Me


My name is Marco Janse. (he/him) I’m a IT professional with more than 20 years of IT-experience. I have a passion for operating systems, automation, monitoring, and coding. (PowerShell in particular) I live in a small town in the Netherlands with my amazing wife, two lovely kids and our wonderful dog.

My digital portfolio and the things I like

  • LinkedIn - My resume and things I post and share profesionally.
  • BlueSky - The better alternative for Twitter since it became “X” (In my opinion)
  • Twitter/X - My Twitter/X-profile, which I hope to abandon once Bluesky is fully adopted.
  • GitHub - My GitHub handle and my public repositories.
  • Discord - PowerShell group - You can find me as MarcoJ. (handle is marcoj0906)
  • Stackoverflow - My profile on stackoverflow and the questions I’ve reponded to.
  • Last.Fm - I love listening to music and here you can see what I’m listening to.
  • Spotify - Most of my playlists can be found here.
  • GoodReads - Books I’ve read. (or am currently reading)
  • Gûanfú-Taiji - The martial arts school that I practice tai chi and wushu (kung fu).
  • Emancipator - I’m an ambassador of male emancipation and equality regardless of gender, race or religion.
  • DuPSUG - The Dutch PowerShell User Group. We are a wonderful community and organize some great meetups during the year.
  • DDOG - Dutch DevOps & GitHub Community. Also a great community with some wonderful people and speakers

Some of my favorite tools

Other interests